Hello! My Name is Belinda and I am the owner of FEATHERFIN Yarn.


I am 22 years old and chemistry student at the technical university of Darmstadt, Germany. I will finish my Bachelor of Science at the end of the year, but I plan to carry on till a doctor´s degree. Sounds big, but I will take on the challenge in small steps!

September 2014 I founded FEATHERFIN Yarn.
I discovered how much I love to dye and started piling up yarn mountains. Soon the yarn needs for my own knitting was exceeded, but I still wanted to dye more and more! So I decided to sell my yarns to steadily dye more without burying myself under my work. But because my studies are very time-consuming and I am throwing this business basically all by myself, my yarn comes in small quantities, but with real individuality.img_0721

In my leisure time (when I am not studying for an exam or dyeing for the shop), I love to knit or weave with my yarn. I even take the time to spin yarn out of raw fiber! For that purpose, I own an antique dutch spinning wheel. But currently I hand spin only for myself, because in comparison to my hand dyed FEATHERFIN yarn, my hand spun is not yet consistent enough to be sold in my shop.
For fitness, I regularly exercise in online yoga classes from Fightmaster Yoga on YouTube, I can strongly recommend her! I also enjoy cooking japanese food, watching movies with my fiancé or going out with my friends.



Feel free to leave a comment or visit FEATHERFIN Yarn on Etsy and Instagram!



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